Wednesday, July 29, 2015

RSV Ladies' Retreat - Day 2 (Part 2) - Sewing, Dining, & Cards

(I had to split this post in two because I had too many pictures!  See Part 1 here.)

We arrived back at the house very warm, and were greeted by the delightfully cool air conditioning!  There are perks of 21st-Century living, after all.  :p  

Who needs rouge when one has exercise?
Jillian looks like she's asking me "Are you sewing again?"
RSV photo
By now it was nearly 2:00 in the afternoon, and almost time for tea!  

Cathy, me, and Jillian in the mirror
RSV Photo
We had scones (of course), egg salad and cucumber sandwiches, lemon pound cake, chocolate chip bars, and cookies.  The tea was lovely, and the company was pleasant.  The only low point was when somebody found a tick on her person, and then a few other people found ticks, so we all went to our rooms to change!  

Another wonderful aspect of this house was the on-site laundry machines, so many of us took advantage of this and washed our white underthings after the tick-hunting.  I was very glad to be able to launder my chemise and tanktop, as both were soaked through and I had no spares!  I changed back into my Regency pajamas and joined several other ladies in the library for sewing and movie-watching.  

Jenny, Cathy, Rebecca, Jillian, Bonnie (in front), me, Denisa
RSV photo
We watched Sense & Sensibility, and I worked diligently on my Yellow Sprigged Dress.  It had become clear to me by this point that there was no way I was going to finish it in time to wear it on Saturday, but if I sewed every spare minute I might get it done in time to put it on Sunday morning for a few pictures before we left the manor.  With this goal in mind, I sewed steadily until it was time to dress for dinner, which was had scheduled for 8:00.  

I re-dressed in my Blue Day Dress, which I had aired on my bed while my underthings were washed.  I left off the chemisette for the evening, but added my Sheer Striped Overdress and switched the cream satin sash and cameo brooch for a blue velvet sash and blue rhinestone brooch - another recent purchase.  I removed my cap, re-curled my bangs (borrowing my roommate Victoria's curling iron), and smoothed back any fly-aways with my LBCC Lavender Pomatum.  The bun and braid still looked decent, so I left the rest of my hair as it was.  

Jenny and me, dressed for dinner
I also wore my aquamarine earrings from Dames a la Mode, but sadly I could not find the matching collet necklace when I was packing for the weekend.  :(  I opted for a double-strand of pearls instead.  And I completed my toilette with more LBCC products - namely liquid Turkish Rogue on my lips and cheeks, and Rose Balm Lip Salve over top on my just lips.  
My full compliment of historical makeup and hair care:  Powder of Magnolia and Lemon Soap from Colonial Williamsburg; Turkish Rogue, Lavender Hair Pomatum, Rose Balm Lip Salve, and Burnt Cloves from LBCC; "Felicity" Jasmine & Rose perfume from RSV Fragrance Workshop; and gorgeous folding mirror from Austria - gift from Brian's cousin

Dinner was scrumptious!  We had chicken pudding (way more tasty than it sounds!), breaded & fried cauliflower, tomato and cucumber salad, fresh-baked rolls, and broccoli with pine nuts.  

Kimberly, who works as a cook at Colonial Williamsburg, informed us that everything but the broccoli was made from authentic 18th Century recipes, and it was all incredibly delicious.  And for dessert we had individual stemmed glasses with pistachio pudding.  

Everyone helped themselves to the exquisite cuisine
A good time was had by all!
After dinner (which was eaten entirely by candlelight) we moved some tables around in the dining room to create spaces for playing Whist.  We kept the candlelight ambiance going, and had a very jolly time of it!  

First we played open hands, for teaching purposes - a few of us were new to the game!
Photo by Heather Hufton

Whist is serious business.
Photo by Bonnie Britz
I shuffled for Megan when it was her turn to deal, and Stacy kept blaming me for her terrible cards!
RSV photo
My partner for the game was Cathy, and we won our first match against Stacy and Megan, but lost the second.  By that time it was getting rather late, and those of us who had not already gone off to bed gathered once more in the library and watched Horatio Hornblower!  

I took a quick shower, then rejoined the library party to brush out my hair and put it all up in rag curls.  It was very late by the time we went to bed, but I honestly could not tell you what time it was because I do not have a period-accurate watch.  :p

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