Thursday, February 7, 2013

Curtain-Along Cloak Photo Shoot

I finally wore my Curtain-Along Cloak out and about yesterday!  I was in Williamsburg for a job fair, and afterwards went for a drive around the Jamestown area with my lovely bf, who was kind enough to take some pictures for me at a pretty scenic overlook.

I wore the cloak with my ruffled petticoat under my new brick-red petticoat that I had just finished, and my new American Duchess Kensington shoes and Fleur buckles.

I felt a little silly wearing a wool-lined cloak on the beach, but the wind was a bit nippy and it felt quite cozy and warm inside it.

This photo makes me look like I was just transported to an alien planet.  

Had to get in a shot of my Kensies on the sand!  


  1. Wow! Now I want to make a cape! :) Nice job! I love the fabric especially.

    1. Thank you! You should definitely make one - they're so fun to wear!