Friday, July 5, 2019

RSV England Trip - Day Zero: Arrival and Elton House

I have so many pictures from England!  I'm going to be blogging about the trip for months, probably.  I will break it down into days, to keep each post from getting too massive.  I'll go into more detail about what I wore each day in a later post, but in the meantime you can see my outfits in albums on my Facebook page.

I am starting with Day Zero, so called because it was the day before our actual Jane Austen tour began.  However, it is worth blogging about because I took photos of the beautiful historic house that ten of us stayed in for the four days we were in Bath - Elton House!  It is a vacation rental property run by the Landmark Trust, and you can read all about it at the link I provided.  Meanwhile, pictures! 

I started exploring after finding out which room was mine, and dropping off my luggage.  My roommate, Julie, and I got to sleep here: 

This was our view out of the windows, which are at the front of the house: 

Looking back into the room from the window: 

Then I went downstairs to explore the rest of the house.  Even the landings between staircases were beautiful: 

The kitchen - very cozy: 

It has all modern appliances and plumbing.

The dining room made me so happy! 

Windows again facing the street - this is right below my room: 

The other front room is beautifully decorated: 

A set of doors led to another cozy room: 

We gathered here in the evenings after dinner: 

I was intrigued by this fireplace lined with delft tiles: 

I was also curious why some of them were upside down...

There are also some lovely paintings: 

Then there was the charming back garden: 

I may have gone overboard taking photos of the foliage. 

But I couldn't spend all day taking pictures of the house.  I had some unpacking, ironing, and - surprise, surprise - some sewing to do! 

First I laid out all of my dresses and petticoats to be pressed:

Organized my accessories: 

And once the ironing was done, hung the dresses, petticoats, and spencers/bodices in the closet: 

Stay tuned for Day One! 

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