Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Gold Galleon Gown - Finally Complete!

The Gold Galleon Gown taught me many things - most notably the importance of getting something "finished, not perfect" and being ok with that.  I have actually blogged about this gown quite extensively already. 

It's been fun to look back at the progression of the gown, as I've added trim to it for each event.  And of course I was pregnant when I made it, so I can also see the progression of the pregnancy!

Francaise Dinner - March 18, 2017

Here I was six months pregnant and wearing the gown for the first time.  I just barely got it finished before the event!  I had no time to make the bows to decorate the stomacher, or to attach the puff trim to the petticoat.  So I hastily pinned the trim onto the stomacher, and wore it that way!  

Now eight months pregnant, and you can see how much higher the front of my petticoat is riding!  But the gown has much more trim:  pleated scalloped pinked trim along the robings, lace around the neckline, bows on the stomacher, and the puff trim attached to the petticoat.  

Williamsburg Holiday Promenade - December 30, 2017

Photo courtesy of In the Long Run
And here I'm six months postpartum with a healthy baby girl at home!  I added more pleated scalloped pinked trim to the gown skirt and to the petticoat, to complete the circles that evoke gold coins - hence the name Gold Galleon Gown!  

It's also fun to see how close I ended up to my original (very hasty) sketch of the gown trim:  

Also, my calculations were pretty spot-on!
Here are the rest of the photos of the gown from the Williamsburg Promenade - there will be some duplicates with my previous post, I'm sure.  All photos courtesy In the Long Run:  

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