Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My Vintage Pledge

I meant to sign up for the #VintagePledge2017 last month when I first read about it, but my blogging has been very slow lately and I never got around to it.

I have, of course, already made one vintage dress, but I have more planned!

My Vintage Pledge:

I, Chelsea of Sartorial Statement, pledge to sew at least two vintage maternity dresses, at least two vintage nursing outfits, at least two vintage baby outfits, and at least two vintage non-maternity outfits in 2017.  

Here are my specific plans:

Vintage Maternity

One down, one in progress!

1944 Polka Dots
1944 Red Floral
Vintage Nursing Outfits

Two or more of these:

Vintage Baby Outfits

I should be able to get several outfits out of this pattern.  I plan to use mainly old sheets - some of which will also become the nursing outfits above.

1948 Baby Layette
Vintage Non-Maternity

I have a couple of UFOs from last summer's 1940s plans that I can finish:

Not to mention the other planned outfits from that post, as well as my whole Winter Wool Wardrobe from the previous winter.  I'm hoping that by the time cold weather rolls around, I'll be back to my pre-pregnancy size!


  1. Love the red floral dress, I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished article!