Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Suffragette Ensemble - Finished (Mostly) and Worn

Well, today is Election Day!  I have so enjoyed seeing people's Facebook posts about voting, including several fellow historical costuming friends who have dress up as suffragettes or honored the movement in some way.  It also warms my heart to read that Susan B. Anthony's grave was covered in "I Voted" stickers by 10 AM, and that the line to add a sticker is hours-long!  Clearly this election has stirred deep pride in womanhood, which is a beautiful thing.  I am beyond happy to be a part of it.
Museum of London
I am going to do a separate post with all of the construction details - including what's still unfinished, but for now here are photos of me wearing it - and voting!

Brian the Engineer took these two photos on his cell phone:

My version of the suffragette rosette pictured above
Got my sticker!

And one with Brian the Engineer:

Later in the day we went grocery shopping (after Brian got home from work) and I was still wearing my suffragette outfit, which was rather fun.  It's also extremely comfortable!

I've also been Instagramming throughout the day, with the hashtag #1916suffragette:

I wore my American Duchess Victorian Silk Stockings and Claremont Oxford shoes.
Now to wait for the results!

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