Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Past Event - Gadsby's Tavern Luncheon

Another five-years-overdue blog post!  I'm finding a lot of these events that I never posted about, thanks to my recent Blog Updates.  Here is one from April 26, 2014 - a Regency Society luncheon at Gadsby's Tavern in Alexandria, Virginia.

Brian the Engineer and I attended, even though he had nothing Regency to wear at this point in our lives.  He mostly took pictures of the rest of us:

But I did sneak in a couple of him, ha!

I loved the light by this window:

We got some funny looks from passers-by out on the street!  :p

All in all, a lovely time was had.

The food was delicious, though I don't remember now what I ate.  I did take a photo of my dessert, though!  It was so pretty:

I wore my Blue Velveteen Bodice (which is currently getting revamped) over my Blue Day Dress, and debuted the Blue Velveteen Jockey Cap I had just finished (I think the night before) to match the bodice.

Oh, and I had made new tassel shoe clips for my American Duchess Pemberlies!

These photos were taken before the luncheon, at our friend John's house where we had stayed the night.  He lives in Maryland, so we tend to go visit him whenever we have events in the Northern Virginia/ DC area.

More photos of the luncheon can be found on the RSV Facebook page

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