Thursday, November 13, 2014

Autumn in 1785

I finished a new 18th Century ensemble!  Remember my block-printed fabric?  This is what I made with it:  

 I was attempting to recreate this jacket, which I fell in love with years ago:

Woman's Linen Jacket, by Unknown Maker, 1785-90  Victoria & Albert Museum
I wore the jacket with a newly-finished purple linen petticoat to Colonial Williamsburg on Tuesday. Brian the Engineer and I took Jordan and his girlfriend Zöe there for the Veteran's Day festivities.  In between touring the Magazine, the Artificer, the Peyton Randolph house, and the Governor's Palace, we fit in some time to take a few pictures.  

We took these photos in the Peyton Randolph house, which I had never toured before:

I always enjoy inspecting interesting trees:

This is my absolute favorite picture of me, maybe ever.  
These were in the Governor's Palace:

On the Palace grounds:

My posse:

Brian the Engineer (of course), Zöe and Jordan
We took a carriage ride, naturally:  

And watched the annual Veteran's Day Parade:

All veterans visiting the Revolutionary City were encouraged to march in the parade.

And then we were back to the present for dinner at Golden Corral.  :p  


  1. I absolutely LOVE this ensemble! Of course I'm biased, because those are my favorite shades of purple, but you did a wonderful job!

    1. Thanks! I like purple a lot, too. Blue is my favorite color, but purple is a close second. :)

  2. Lovely jacket, the back is very interesting! And you got to see the parade - cool, all those soldiers look incredible!

    1. Thanks! And having personally worked on some of those Fife & Drum uniforms, I always enjoy seeing them perform. :)

    2. Wow, that's even more awesome! And impressive - menswear somehow seems more complexed and complicated to me

    3. Well thanks! I confess I knew nothing about menswear two years ago, but working at Colonial Williamsburg has cured me of my ignorance! :p

  3. Great to see your block printed fabric made up. I must confess that whenever I've read one of your posts since you printed it, I've always wondered what happened to that fabric! The jacket is lovely.

    1. Thanks! I kept meaning to post my pictures of making it, but I wanted to wear it first!