Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Regency Blues

I'm having difficulties with my Regency ballgown.  The vision in my head is a sheer striped white overdress worn over a light blue day dress.  I have been inspired by several images, all found on my Regency Inspiration Pinterest board.

I envisioned the white overdress skirt to be the same length or just slightly shorter than the blue underdress, like in the above two fashion plates.  However, I do not have enough of the white striped voile to accomplish this.  The very first image gave me the idea to use my scalloped eyelet trim and a row of solid white voile puffs to lengthen the skirt.  I originally planned to add the eyelet in two rows, with the puffs above.  I had more than twice the eyelet I needed for one row, and I also wanted to add more width to the skirt to make it as flowy as possible.  To make up the extra width, I decided to add a panel of my solid white voile at the back of the skirt, with vertical rows of inset lace set at intervals to mimic the striped pattern of the main skirt fabric.

The stripe at the center of the photo is my inset lace joining the two fabrics.  The stripe along the right is not yet sewn in.  
The stripes will not be as close together as on the main fabric, but I'm ok with that.  I want the feel of the striped fabric, not a direct copy.  This panel will be gathered closely at the back of the skirt, so it should blend together relatively unobtrusively.

However, now that the bodice pieces are cut out for both gowns, I am unsatisfied with the fabric left over for the overdress skirt.  The blue dress should have plenty of width, as I have 102" remaining.  But my striped fabric, even with the solid white panel attached, is only 60" wide.  I want the overdress to be as full as the underdress, but if I make it wider I can only use one row of the eyelet, and therefore it won't be as long as I want.

(Is this making any sense at all?  I'm having a hard time explaining it.)  I've laid out the fabrics to better visualize it.  The blue fabric is folded in half along the right edge.

Option 1:
Imagine a row of puffs between the striped fabric and the rows of eyelet.

Option 2:
Ideally I would like the white overdress skirt to be this long, but then I'd need several rows of puffs and/or tucks between the two.  

Option 3:
I could leave the overdress intentionally short, to show the blue underskirt more.  
In case all of this is unclear, Option 1 would leave the white skirt narrower than the blue underskirt, but almost as long.  Option 2 would make it as wide and as long, but require much more extensive hem decoration than I was originally planning.  Option 3 would make it as wide, but much shorter.  Also, keep in mind I only have enough of my insertion lace to make five vertical rows, so they would either need to be much wider apart, or spaced between more rows of a different lace, if I am to make the skirt wider.  I hope this all makes sense.  I feel like I'm buried underneath a pile of decisions here.  :(

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